AlleoChain Announces the Beta Launch of a new all in one Blockchain platform

AlleoChain Coming Soon

Blockchain technology can be complicated to get started but AlleoChain simplifies the entire process.

Today we are announcing the beta launch of AlleoChain – a simple all in one platform that allows you to launch and scale blockchain applications with speed. This aims to minimize the challenges of building, deploying and integrating with the blockchain.

Our platform will allow our users to create their own private blockchain in a manner of minutes without any previous blockchain experience.  From there, our users will be able to take full advantage of what blockchain technology has to offer in areas of decentralization, security, transparency and immutability. With AlleoChain, blockchain nodes, networks and applications can be deployed all from a simple all in one platform.

According to our CEO, Leonid Mamchenkov, “Blockchain is a revolutionary technology that has the potential to change the world even more than the invention of the Internet.  Unfortunately getting started can be intimidating and time consuming.”

AlleoChain has been designed to overcome these issues by leveraging the power of the MultiChain Open Source framework and taking advantage of Amazon’s AWS cloud computing services.  Now users can have their own private blockchain with zero maintenance, hosted in our secure cloud environment with the ability to integrate data to and from their blockchain through our API allowing their data pipelines to scale as their business grows.

The key value proposition of AlleoChain stands in the fact that we offer a ready to use, complete platform to our customers so they don’t have to bear the maintenance costs and can integrate data on the blockchain provided by us across their company.

We are launching the first simple all in one platform that allows you to launch and scale blockchain applications with speed. Sign up today to join our beta group and try our platform out for yourself. You will be able to build and deploy your first private blockchain in minutes!

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