AlleoChain 2.0 is Released With A Focus on Data Unification

Version 2.0 is Here

Our Revolutionary Blockchain Platform Launches Enhanced User Experience and Functionality

Today we are announcing the release of AlleoChain 2.0. This update empowers all businesses and developers to seamlessly manage and unify data from their blockchain and traditional SQL databases.

This marks a pivotal step towards the unification of structured and unstructured data in one platform.  Users will now have access to their own database, as well as their blockchain, in a secure, cloud-hosted environment.  Built on the MultiChain platform, developers can manage data from their database to their blockchain instantly via the secure API. 

This update also provides significant enhancements to the Block Explorer, which provides users a visual interface to interact with data on their blockchain in real time.

“We are thrilled with AlleoChain’s progress,” said Leonid Mamchenkov, CEO at AlleoChain. “Developers can now leverage the flexibility of structured data and the immutability of blockchain technology on our innovative and intuitive platform. This is the first of many major updates we will be rolling out that will not only showcase the power of blockchain but also what our platform can really do for IT professionals. Thanks to this significant enhancement, AlleoChain keeps its commitment to always be leading innovation and give our community the most advanced engineering in the market. “

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