Six Career Opportunities in Blockchain for 2021

Career Opportunities in Blockchain

Blockchain is an incredibly fast-growing technology. Industries of all kinds are finding ways to take advantage of blockchain’s high levels of security and verifiability. The increasing adoption of the technology comes with a high demand for blockchain professionals. Here are six career opportunities for blockchain professionals in a variety of industries.


Blockchain developers are responsible for creating blockchain applications. Their expertise allows them to help companies explore the possibilities of blockchain and realize the benefits of the versatile technology.

Though development is a highly marketable career path, these programmers have to have a lot of experience. Knowledge of C++, Python, and Javascript will be helpful, though they also need experience with blockchain.

Solution Architect

Solution architects design, assign, and connect different components of blockchain solutions with experts. They are the ones who create and implement the plan for the project.

Project Manager

Like in other fields, blockchain project managers are responsible for overseeing and ensuring the project’s success. They need traditional project management skills, along with a mastery of blockchain technology. Communication is essential, as project managers have to delegate different tasks to their team members and act as the go-between with those outside the team.

UX Designer

Because blockchain has so many possible uses, there is a need to make blockchain platforms accessible for everyday users. UX designers create alluring and easy-to-use interfaces for widespread application. Those pursuing UX design should have strong attention to detail, a little artistry, and an incredible work ethic.

Quality Engineer

Quality assurance engineers play a vital role in blockchain project development. They test every aspect of the project to ensure all areas are at their highest quality level.

Legal Consultant

Like any new technology, blockchain implementation opens up many new legal scenarios. Legal consultants working with blockchain teams have to have an understanding of the technology and its uses. Most companies are looking for experts to assist with the legal implications, finances, and identity management that come with having a blockchain system.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of which career path you take, every blockchain professional has to have an understanding of how blockchain works, along with its benefits, capabilities, and uses. Otherwise, they may not be able to realize their full potential in the blockchain industry.

Blockchain is a fast-growing field with nearly endless possibilities. There are thousands of opportunities for technology professionals to begin their blockchain career.

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